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Storage Tips for Moving and Packing Supplies in Moncton and Beyond

Before you store your possessions, follow these tips to make sure your stuff is packed securely and safely so it won’t be harmed during transport.

  • Pack items thoughtfully—heavy stuff always goes on bottom

  • Put light items on top of the heavy items for a box that is full, but not too heavy

  • Use boxes that are in good condition to provide a protective shell for your items

  • If you have space in a box that you want to fill you can also add crumpled newspaper

  • Use packing tape to secure your boxes and prevent tampering

  • Package fragile items in towels or bubble wrap to prevent damage while moving

  • Be sure that dishes and other items are free from water to prevent mould from growing

  • Write the contents of each box on the outside so you’ll have an easier time remembering what’s inside

  • Disassembling furniture will allow you to maximize storage space

  • Place covers over furniture to protect pieces from dust

  • NEVER store combustible materials like gasoline, oil or cleaning supplies

If you need more tips on packing your items for long or short term storage, contact us today.

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