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Why Should We Be Your Go-To Movers for Mobile Storage in Scoudouc?

Because our commercial sized steel containers are over 100 square feet and have a capacity of 5,500 pounds, meaning that you don’t have to use extra trips to get your stuff moved. Whether you are a business or a homeowner, Fast & Easy Mobile Storage has the mobile storage in Scoudouc that you’re looking for!

Commercial Storage

With our commercial storage services, companies can store extra office equipment, seasonal or extra inventory and anything you need during your transition. We offer our moving and storage services at an affordable price that can keep costs within the budget you set out. You can access your stored items at any time and storage is highly secured so you never have to worry about what you’ve stored. If you want your storage container to come back to your office, just give us a call.

Student Storage

There are a lot of transitions that students go through in college, including moving to and from many places. Special rates for students and seniors are available! We will give you a packing kit that you can use to directly pack all your stuff right in your dorm—no need to go out and stress about finding the right moving supplies. Whether you are moving for a semester or a break, we can get you set up at an affordable price. And when you need your stuff back, Fast & Easy Mobile Storage will deliver your stuff right back to you.

Home Storage

Fast & Easy Mobile Storage has residential storage solutions whether or not you are looking to move your whole house or just store a few things away for the season. Looking to remove clutter from your house? Order a storage unit from us and we’ll deliver it to your house, where you’ll fill it, and then we will take it away and store it safely at our secure facility. We have short term and long term storage that will suit whatever your needs may be.

Realty Professionals

If you’re a realty professional and need your client's home to be de-cluttered in order to stage the home properly before putting it on the market, give us a call. Fast & Easy Mobile Storage can help you store the extra items that are cluttering the home. A staged home = a sellable home.

For any moving or storage needs, contact Fast & Easy Mobile Storage today!

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